Your waste hauler is in business to make a profit.  Do you believe your waste hauler would recommend the most efficient and least expensive options for your trash and recycling services?

Every organization produces trash and recyclables as part of their daily operations. As a result, every organization needs to hire a reputable waste hauler to deal with their refuse handling. Traditionally, you must also rely on your waste hauler to make recommendations for how much service you need, and how much you should pay for those services.  Letting your waste hauler recommend service levels and pricing shifts the bargaining power to your waste hauler. Integrity Cost Consulting has a proven record of analyzing our clients’ particular circumstances and making pricing and service level recommendations to secure the lowest pricing, while maintaining appropriate service for your type of organization.  We can restructure any existing contracts, so that your organization is being billed accurately and cost efficiently going forward.  We are only compensated if your organization realizes a cash flow improvement.  Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation