Typical Overcharges


  • Services and features you don’t need
  • Phone lines no longer needed
  • Unawareness of new/better offers from existing and competing vendors
  • Paying more than market rate
  • Wireless plans that are not optimized
  • Misapplication of tariff
  • Incorrect application of fees and surcharges


  • Paying above market rate
  • Not using a vendor that best fits your needs
  • Contracts that allow the hauler to raise fees at will
  • Non-optimized waste stream
  • Improper containers
  • Multiple, confusing, and escalating fees


  •  Incorrect tariff application
  • Operating under the wrong tariff
  • Paying incorrect fees based on state and industry rules/regulations
  • Overpaying for energy supply

Commercial Laundry

  • Non-contracted compliance extra fees
  • Unit price volatility
  • Minimum fees and percentages
  • Loss/damage
  • Item insurance
  • Item replacements
  • Items billed but not ordered/approved


    Our Audits Do Not
    Cost You a Dime

    Let ICC show you how to:

    • Avoid overcharges from stealing from your bottom line.
    • Recover overcharges.
    • Cut your monthly bills.

    There is no fee for a professional cost reduction audit…We receive compensation from the savings we generate and refunds we recover for you.

    Your worse-case scenario:  You can verify your money is well spent on Utilities, Telecom, Waste Disposal and Commercial Laundry Service with an ICC no-cost audit!

    Your best-case scenario: We find the savings you can redeploy to fund new projects, hire new employees, and sustain and grow your business!

    Why should your money be sitting in your vendors’ bank accounts?