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Your organization might track/review utility usage and seasonal trends, but how do you know you’re being billed accurately and cost-efficiently for both delivery and supply?  Is there someone on your staff who keeps abreast of new or changing tariffs or knows how to read and interpret tariffs?  It’s unlikely you do. We can help.


The telecom industry is confusing, complex, and ever-changing.  We are experts in deciphering the maze.  We’ll partner with you to audit all bills for errors and overcharges – plus evaluate the cost-effectiveness of line charges, usage charges, and feature/bundle packages. Our team of experts is here to save significant time and resources.


We work for you to obtain refunds, dramatically reduce costs, and eliminate program headaches. Laundry service agreements are complex.  It takes special knowledge and significant time to manage the line item costs on a weekly basis.

We analyze over 50 different variables and work to get you the best products and services for the lowest cost.  Our ongoing invoice audits ensure your pricing and terms remain contract compliant. We are vendor-neutral and do not get paid by vendors. There is no need to switch vendors unless you want to. Unless you just signed a new vendor contract 1-3 months ago, we can help.


We have extensive waste industry knowledge, including an understanding of how waste haulers’ costs vary by region due to local regulations, competition, availability of recycling services, and the cost structure of local landfills. Our knowledge of market rates for waste hauling services by region and national program offerings is unsurpassed.

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The Cost of Waiting

The Cost of Waiting

We realize everyone is busy and no one wants another project, but what if we told you there was a greater than 80% chance your organization was being overcharged for utility, telecom, and waste costs.  How long would you wait to find out?  The costs of waiting could...

Understanding your cell phone bill

Understanding your cell phone bill

The price for service listed on wireless companies’ website is rarely the one you end up paying at the end of the month.  For starters, there are federally mandated charges, plus state and local taxes — as well as surcharges imposed by the carriers as a way to recover...