We provide an important role to organizations who are cost conscious.

Organizations are lean.  Internal staff is stressed and has many priorities. Recurring expense management is time-consuming. 

  • Vendors put invoice verification responsibility on the consumer.
  • Specific training is needed to properly verify the charges.
  • Obscure invoices hide errors and overcharges.
  • Overspending gets incorporated into forecasts and budgets.

Why do I need an outside expert?

Here are 8 reasons why a trained cost-reduction specialist is a better option than using your internal resources:

  • Your staff is a fixed cost. Taking them off their regular, important duties is not only disruptive, but you risk spending more money than the savings you uncover.
  • ICC does not charge any upfront fees; we are only paid if we are successful in improving your cashflow.  You always come out ahead.
  • Without the proper documents, tools and experience, finding any savings can be daunting. ICC finds cashflow improvements in as little as one week.
  • We are vendor neutral, which means we work only in your best interests.
  • We use our proprietary benchmarking database, created by working with thousands of clients over nearly three decades, to ensure you’re paying the least amount possible.
  • We make sense of confusing fees and charges that appear on your monthly bills, and provide reports detailing all findings.
  • We require little of your time, so you can focus more time on your other priorities.
  • Whereas your internal team might review these charges monthly, and contracts yearly or every 3-5 years, we work in these industries every day. This deep industry insight is similar to a CPA who keeps updated on the tax code, allowable deductions, and ways to reduce your tax liability.

Our Audits Do Not
Cost You a Dime

Let ICC show you how to:

  • Avoid overcharges from stealing from your bottom line.
  • Recover overcharges.
  • Cut your monthly bills.

There is no fee for a professional cost reduction audit…We receive compensation from the savings we generate and refunds we recover for you.

Your worse-case scenario:  You can verify your money is well spent on Utilities, Telecom, Waste Disposal and Commercial Laundry Service with an ICC no-cost audit!

Your best-case scenario: We find the savings you can redeploy to fund new projects, hire new employees, and sustain and grow your business!

Why should your money be sitting in your vendors’ bank accounts?