We just saved a Syracuse manufacturer nearly $10,000 on their annual trash and recycling expenses, a 73% reduction! We literally turned their trash into treasure! It didn’t cost our client anything to have our industry-leading auditors review their charges for accuracy and cost efficiency. They didn’t even have to switch vendors! No cost. No disruption.

Unfortunately, our client waited three years to partner with us, so that’s $30,000 in wasted money! In our client’s words:

It has been great working with Integrity Cost Consulting and I wish we had been able to do this sooner. Thanks so much for your patience and vigilance with all of this. You guys are doing a wonderful job! Keep me posted on anything else you find.”

Returning money to our clients is not uncommon. Over 90% of our clients realize a financial benefit…real money that can be put to better use immediately.

Do you think there’s a chance your invoices contain errors or overcharges?

Do you want to see what we can do for your organization?

The best time to recover your money is before you spend it.

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