You would think that when someone is offering a free service, there has to be a “catch”, but if you work with Integrity Cost Consulting, there isn’t one. We do not charge a fee for our analysis and it’s easier than you think to have your waste, utility, and telecom spending verified by a group of independent, industry-trained professionals.

Our team has been auditing waste, utility, and telecom bills since 1991. Given our years of service, we know there’s a high probability that your organization is being overcharged on one or more of your accounts. Here are the steps involved in finding out if you are overpaying for services:

1) You provide us with copies of your trash, recycling, medical waste, shredding, electric, gas, water, sewer, phone, internet, and data invoices and/or provide us with online “view-only” access to your accounts.

2) You give us authorization to correspond with your vendors/providers.

3) We request additional account information directly from your providers. We’ll request documents that you probably don’t know exist, but your providers use them to generate their invoices to you.

4) We’ll have an audit team of at least 8 experts review and analyze your invoices and all supporting documentation received. We’ll review all line items and cost components of every invoice and document. We work off-site and will not interfere with your daily operations.

5) Using our expertise in understanding and interpreting tariffs, customer service records, billing codes, changes in the marketplace, etc., we identify errors, overcharges, and cost inefficiencies. We look for two things: refundable errors and monthly cost reductions (these are non-refundable items that will make you cost efficient going forward…these will reduce your future costs).

6) As soon as we find refundable errors/overcharges and cost reduction opportunities, we will bring these to your attention via email or call.

7) You review our findings and let us know if you want to pursue the refundable errors and make any changes to your accounts that will lead to monthly cost reductions. We don’t initiate any changes without your approval.

8) If you say yes to the refunds and account changes, we work directly with your provider(s) to obtain refunds and make the necessary corrections to your accounts.

9) Regarding refunds, we know what you’re entitled to, so we will handle all negotiations to secure the maximum refund possible. Typically, the statute of limitations limits the refund period to three to six years, but we’ll go back as far as possible to recover as much of your money as possible.

10) All refunds go directly to your organization in the form of a check or credit.

11) Cost savings from all other changes made to your accounts will be realized in subsequent months, for as long as you have the service, possibly forever.

12) Our compensation is based on us uncovering errors, overcharges and cost inefficiencies. If we find nothing, we are owed nothing. If we find something, you agree to pay us a portion of your realized/actual cash flow improvements. As a result of working with us, your cash flow will either stay the same or improve, it will never be worse, since we never charge a fee for our analysis/audit. We improve client cash flow over 90% of the time.

13) The entire process usually takes 6-12 weeks. We’ll have periodic questions for you, but the majority of the work is performed by our team. You could have significant improvements to your cash flow in just 4-8 weeks!

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