You need to find money for your organization. Your revenue is down and you’ve looked at all expenses. Where else can you look?

Areas often overlooked include waste, telecom, and utilities. You’ve received multiple bids for your services, your bills seem reasonable, several people looked at the contracts, three or more people take a few minutes each month to review the bills, you have an “eagle eye” on staff that would catch any problem, you can’t do anything about the what the utility company charges for delivery, you think you’re good…you’re not alone.

What you might not know is there are many components affecting how a customer is billed for trash, recycling, medical waste, phone, internet, electric, gas, water, and sewer service. The vendors are not verifying these bills. This places the burden on the customers. Customers can’t completely verify these bills, because specific training is needed to understand how these bills are generated. What employees have this training??

Customers have to pay the bills and assume the charges are accurate. Customers pay 100% of whatever the vendors charge and miss 100% of the billing errors and overcharges that affect their bottom line. How does this feel? Where else in a business do expenses get paid based on assumptions?

What if you didn’t have to assume? What if you could work with a group of industry experts, for no cost, and have your charges verified as correct and cost efficient BEFORE you paid another bill?

Good news! You can! That’s what Integrity Cost Consulting does!

Using an unbiased approach and employing industry-leading auditors, Integrity Cost Consulting will:

  1. Identify hidden errors and overcharges on waste, telecom, and utility bills.

  2. Correct these errors and overcharges, which will put more money in their clients’ budget.

  3. Secure any refunds due.

  4. Guarantee all services are billed accurately and cost efficiently.


If you knew there was a greater than 90% chance at least one of these bills contained errors and overcharges, when would you like to find out…for no cost, little of your time, and no change to how you operate your business?

Contact us today to schedule your free expense audit,

You’ll be glad you did!